Nonlinear Urbanism

Towards Multiple Urban Futures

Nonlinear Urbanism is a collection of speculative essays discussing a multitude of disruptive and nonlinear futures of urban agglomerations. The book is based on urban innovation research conducted at the Department for Special Topics in Architecture at the Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. In addition to investigations by students, renowned experts contribute to questions related to our urban future.

Anton Falkeis,
Anastasia Shesterikova,
Benjamin James,
Michael Tingen,
Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Eds.)

Website by Shaun McCallum


Margarita Volkova

How Augmented Reality Technologies Will Change Architectural Design

"Thus, when we combine the physical with the digital, we erase the boundaries of the existing and the nonexisting and thereby heighten the immersion."

- Augmented Reality
- Architectural Elements
- Architectural Language
- Cultural Context
- Communication
- Physical Space
- Digital Space
- Transparency
- Digital Content


Gakku Jumaniyasova & Michael Nemkov


"In philosophy, it is defined as ‘accidentia’ — an attribute that may or may not belong to a subject, without affecting its original essence."

- Built Environment
- Material Qualities
- Digital Realm
- Permanence
- History
- Culture
- Urban Realm
- Time
- Notion of Artwork



Fungible Non-fungible Architecture

"The more the community engages with the project and the NFT application, the more the project can grow in scale and diversity. The result is an architecture composed of unique parts, each with different designers and owners, and ultimately reflective of a broader community demand and aesthetic sentiment."

- Decentralization
- Artificial Intelligence
- Community
- Craftsmanship
- Built Environment
- Citizen’s Involvement
- Stakeholders
- New Architectural Model


Merve Sahin

Reconciliation between the Individual and Digitization

"However, what we could teach artificial intelligence about ourselves, where to start the story of humans, and how to construct the hierarchies of relations are not objective. "

- Artificial Intelligence
- Machine Learning
- Neutral Network
- Cultural Bias
- Algorithms
- Cognition
- Ideology
- Simulation
- Urban Design


Michael Walczak

An Approximation to Digital Urban Imaginaries0

"...three-dimensional models have replaced text and images “as our tools of choice for the notation and replication, representation and quantification of the physical world around us. "

- Representation Techniques
- Drawings
- Digital
- Realism
- Urban Transformation
- 3D Models
- The Future
- Cybernetics Theory


Shaun McCallum

The American Dream and Its Gamelike Topology

"Architecture’s primary role in the American Dream is the provision of image: it is the one commodity which pertains to the idea that all of you are living the American Dream. "

- The American Dream
- Suburbia
- Endless Runner Games
- Flexibility and Customization
- Centralization
- Societal Constructs
- Technology
- Social Status
- Globalization


Artist: Brian Boigon + Research Assistant: Bo Zhang

A Future Riff on the Future Mothership: When the Impossible Happens

"...entangled past <= each acting as sculpted, chaotic valleys further fashioned out of orphaned objects saddled and bifurcated across implicate waves shuffled with various particles of matter in the => future..."

- Augmented Reality
- Architectural Elements
- Architectural Language
- Cultural Context
- Communication
- Physical Space
- Digital Space
- Transparency
- Digital Content


Julia Koerner


"The research focused on 2D to 3D digital processes for nature-inspired geometries and the connectivity and adaptability of textiles with multicolor 3D-printed parts, with an underlying focus on material efficiency and sustainability."

- Fashion Design
- Product Design
- 3D Printing
- Photography
- 2D-to-3D Processes
- Nature-Inspired Geometry
- Garments
- Manufacturing
- Support Structure


Sasha Belitskaja
Goni Dagan
Georg Popp
David Rüßkamp
Shilun Yang

A Short Fantasy about the City of the Future

"The future cities were not for humans alone, they were cohabitants alongside machines and algorithms. They were becoming the embodiment of the multifaceted machine vision and intelligence, through which matter found a way of organizing itself into a form of durable complexity as an urban design project. "

- Cities of the Future
- Internet of Things
- Artificial Intelligence
- Algorithms
- Cohabitation
- Architecture Extensions
- Body Extensions
- Nomadism
- Urban Growth